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Going Up?

ElevatorInternational Union of Elevator Constructors take note: state Sen. David Argall indicated this week that he plans to propose a new law that would establish licensing requirements for elevator contractors, mechanics and inspectors.

His “Pennsylvania Elevator Act” is not yet in bill form, so there is no bill number to share. His memo, however, indicates the Department of Labor & Industry would administer the program and make sure there is compliance.

Current law (Act 45 of 1999) requires elevator inspectors be certified, but there are no requirements for the certification of elevator contractors and mechanics.

Sen. Argall is saying that licensing elevator specialists will help to protect the public by ensuring that only qualified workers for escalator and elevator inspection, maintenance and repair are employed or contracted.

What are your thoughts? I’d be interested in hearing them.

A Case(y) of Paycheck Protection Support

With companion bills chugging through the General Assembly that would stop the generations-long practice of deducting union wages from worker paychecks, it was gratifying to learn this week that Pennsylvania’s senior U.S. senator, Bob Casey, has stepped up to try to stop the bills from getting to the governor’s desk.

Sen. Casey said in a letter to Sen. Dominic Pileggi and Rep. Mike Turzai that Senate Bill 1034 and House Bill 1507 have stirred his constituents’ ire and would “unfairly target public employees and could ultimately undermine the right of these employees to bargain collectively.

“This is a right that has been shared by the likes of teachers, bus drivers, road maintenance crews, and many other public servants for decades,” Casey wrote. “I am not aware of any particular reason why that bargaining right should be taken away now or why this type of deduction would be singled out.”

I believe the politics of the Corbett-led Republicans in Harrisburg is the reason why SB 1034 and HB 1507 are before the General Assembly.

Sen. Casey is correct, though. These bills could undermine collective bargaining efforts and give anti-union politicians an easier path to union dismantling.

Corbett Says It? Check The Facts Determines If True

The governor started his re-election campaign on the floor of the House of Representatives by declaring that Pennsylvania’s comeback was underway. That surprised many people, including Republicans, so it got me and my caucus thinking about ways to fact check what Gov. Corbett will say during this all-important election run-up.


Check the Facts Gov Corbett Check The Facts Gov Corbett With this website, you will be able to monitor the governor’s claims and see what the other side of his story has to say about his allegations.

The site is currently counting the dollars PA has lost since January because the governor has failed to expand Medicaid and deliver health care insurance to 500,000 working men and women who don’t now have coverage. is frequently updated, because it needs to be, unfortunately.

Made in PA

I enjoy sharing stories about Pennsylvania companies that depend on unions to help them be successful and profitable. The companies are to be applauded for their commitment to Made in PAfair and just policies, and their union workers deserve recognition for being a vital part of the business operation.

What I am interested in this week is which company and union (or unions) do you admire and would like to see shared in this space? If a company immediately jumps to mind, email me and we will feature them because they are “Made in PA.”