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Unionized Macy's Workers Thankful for Negotiated Rights

It raised eyebrows a few weeks ago when Macy’s, a department store chain with at least a Hollywood reputation for upholding the spirit of the holiday season, announced that it would be opening on Thanksgiving.

Macy’s is feeling the heat from WalMart, which recently had to explain why its employees were collecting donations for fellow employees who could not afford food for Thanksgiving (photo). 

It’s sad for the chain that once starred in a classic holiday movie to force some its employees to work on Thanksgiving.  I say that “some” will be forced because Macy’s stores in certain regions are represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers and will collect premium pay if they volunteer to work on Thanksgiving.   Those union members are giving thanks for the rights they negotiated and the issue is having other Macy’s employees rethinking their status.  Click here for more.

For more on what’s in store at Wal Mart stores for the holiday, click here.   To read about Wal Mart breaking federal labor laws, click here.

Before Black Friday Shopping, Consider the Source

Those Black Friday bargains sure seem great...until you find out that the prices are low because the goods are produced by people working 100-hour weeks and 20-hour shifts at factories in Bangladesh where they make 20 cents an hour. Before you head out shopping, click here.

Casey Introduces FSLA Amendment for Misclassified Workers

Sen. Bob Casey has introduced legislation to make it a federal crime to misclassify workers to save money and cheat them out of workers compensation benefits.

In addition to being  a terrible exploitation of workers and the families who depend on them, misclassification costs taxpayers tens of billions of dollars in lost taxes.  Casey’s bill would create penalties under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
Read more here.   

Dietz and Watson:
The Labor-Friendly Choice for Holiday Entertaining

In addition to producing high-quality meat products, Dietz and Watson gives back to the Philadelphia community, including generous participation in my annual Community Picnic in Norris Square Park.

It’s that time of year, again, when family members and friends will be congregating, especially around tables of savory foods, to share personal news, remember favorite stories and partake in festive traditions.  Whether you are preparing hors d’oeuvres or main fare this holiday season, consider serving Dietz and Watson deli meats and cheeses to your loved ones.  Since 1939, Dietz and Watson has been a staple among Philadelphia delicatessens, and, today, the company distributes its more than 400 products worldwide.  Seventy-four years later, this family-owned and -operated business maintains the same high standards for its products and company operations, with many employees represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Union, Local 463.

Since its beginnings, Dietz and Watson has taken pride in the quality of its products, ensuring artificial ingredients, fillers, extenders and MSG are not present in any of its meats and cheeses.  By 1996, in an effort to meet the growing health concerns and specialized dietary needs of consumers, the company began to prepare and offer a separate line of products for individuals interested in living healthier and smarter. 

Today, under its fourth generation of ownership, Dietz and Watson’s top-notch expectations for its food products are matched only by its sense of civic responsibility and actions as a company.  It adheres to ethical and sustainable business practices, while giving back to local communities.  Not only does the company participate in and contribute to numerous health-related and social causes, but also, it advocates and practices humane animal treatment.  Further, its operations are environmentally sound.  As a responsible, principled company, Dietz and Watson has skillfully adapted to modern trends to remain well-respected by employees and consumers alike, while continuing to offer delicious products known and loved around the globe now and in years to come. 







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