Job Creation

Creating jobs is my number one priority. More than a half-million Pennsylvania workers are unemployed. Many others fear the loss of their jobs. Unemployment is worsening. The rate reached 8.2 percent in August, an increase of .4 percent over the last month.

Earlier this year, Senate Democrats offered a comprehensive job creation package, “PA Works.” Now we’ve refreshed our PA Works plan to front-load public infrastructure investments and retool initiatives to stimulate the economy and create jobs now.  Read More Details


The Budget

In response to the Corbett Administrations draconian budget cuts, Sen. Tartaglione joined Democratic colleagues to announce a budget plan that underscored their budget priorities and included $1.14 billion in total savings, new revenues and efficiencies.

Democrats offered the budget plan to counter Corbett’s proposal to make deep cuts in basic and higher education, social service funding, hospital funds, health care, job creation and county programs.  Republicans controlling the legislature restored some of the cuts, but still passed a budget that is short-sighted.   Read More Details →


Pennsylvania Assistive Technologies Foundation

PATF provides low-interest loans to disabled Pennsylvanians to purchase equipment that will help make them more independent and employable.  The Corbett Administration cut the program buy more than 30 percent at a time when the unemployment rate among disabled Pennsylvanians was 50 percent higher than that for other workers.

Every adult looking for work be able to find it, and when they find it, they have the tools and the training they need to do it. Across Pennsylvania, everyone has had to adapt in a changing economic landscape. Fortunately, PATF is in the business of helping people adapt.

Statewide Construction Code 

Sen. Tartaglione fought changes in Pennsylvania’s construction code process that she said favored special interests over consumer protection.

It took seven years and the effort of thousands of people to create Pennsylvania’s Uniform Construction Code,

Intending to leave the important issue of safety to experts, Tartaglione voted and spoke out against a House bill waiving Pennsylvania’s sprinkler requirement, and amendments that stall future modernization of the state construction code.  Read More Details →


Emergency Mortgage Assistance

Sen. Tartaglione joined local bank executives, homeowners and consumer advocates in support of restored funding for Pennsylvania’s emergency mortgage assistance program. Tartaglione said preventing foreclosures is a key component of economic recovery.

Funding for Pennsylvania’s Homeowner Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program was eliminated in Gov. Tom Corbett’s budget proposal, announced in March, and ended up having only half restored in the final budget agreement. Tartgaglione said a projected state budget surplus should have prevented cuts that put homes and neighborhoods at risk.

HEMAP was created by the legislature in 1983, and has distributed $211 and recouped $238 million in re-payments.  More than 20,000 loans have been repaid with HEMAP support.   Read More Details →


Electoral College

Sen. Tartaglione joined colleagues and experts from across the country to oppose Senate Bill 1282, which would change the way presidential elections have been counted for 200 years in Pennsylvania.

The attempt to change the way electoral votes are counted is unprecedented in Pennsylvania, and is being seen as a sign that Republicans are surrendering the 2012 presidential contest more than a year before it’s held.  Already, newspapers and good-government groups across the state have expressed outrage.

If my Republican colleagues want to tinker with numbers, let’s look at 2.8 million Pennsylvanians without access to health care.

Let’s look at a half-million Pennsylvanians without jobs.
Let’s look at 45,000 homeless children.
Let’s look at 12,000 high school drop outs.
Let’s look at 6,000 structurally deficient bridges.

There are a lot of numbers we should be looking at instead of electoral college votes.

 Read More Details →