PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 6, 2014 – To help keep heaters working and the lights on through winter, state Sen. Christine M. Tartaglione today said the time is now for low-income residents in her district to apply for the popular Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program; better known as LIHEAP.

The application window for federally funded LIHEAP grants will stay open through the beginning of April.

“LIHEAP will help people pay for emergency repairs they didn’t budget for,” Tartaglione said. “Whether it’s a frozen pipe or the threatened termination of electrical service, LIHEAP’s crisis grants can help people who need help to get through the winter.”

The energy assistance program delivered grants totaling $14.3 million last winter.

If needed, LIHEAP can provide a cash grant of up to $1,000 per customer. The grants are directly paid to a utility or other vendor, like PECO. Grants can cover payments to get service restored. The maximum grant funding for emergencies is $500.

Annual household income limits apply. A one-person household must not earn more than $17,505 while an eight-person household can earn a maximum annual stipend of $60,135. Add $6,090 for each additional person.

“My office can help residents apply for the LIHEAP program if they have questions or concerns,” the senator said.

Either of Tartaglione’s district offices can provide applications. Questions may be asked by calling her Bridge Street office, 215-533-0440, or her Susquehanna Avenue office, 215-291-4653.

The LIHEAP application is also available online.



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