HARRISBURG, April 15, 2013 – With the deadline for filing tax returns looming, state Sen. Christine M. Tartaglione decried the Corbett administration’s strategy of relief for large corporations along with increased scrutiny for individuals.

 “When the administration talks about tax relief, they’re talking about big business,” Tartaglione said. “Over the past two years individuals have seen a crack down on sales taxes for online purchases, but there has been no effort to investigate corporate tax shell games.  Individuals are paying more in school and municipal taxes to fund business tax breaks.  That’s not the kind of tax reform people are looking for.”

Tartaglione said two events leading up to today’s tax deadline should give individuals cause for concern.  In a published report today, a Department of Revenue spokesperson said state tax officials can get information about individuals’ “purchase behavior” to enforce sales tax obligations.

“The idea that the department would gather information on consumer purchases while it hasn’t taken action against any companies over the use of Delaware subsidiaries is disturbing,” she said. “Other states have sued and won. Maryland collected nearly $300 million, but Pennsylvania would rather look at its citizens ‘purchasing behavior.’”

Last week, Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser testified before the House Finance Committee on the details of Gov. Corbett’s tax-reform plan, a plan geared entirely toward cutting business taxes.

“We’ve already cut $800 billion from corporate tax liability and our job creation numbers are in the tank.  This hyper-focus on greasing the wheels of industry and getting no jobs in return is terrible public policy,” Tartaglione said.  “Tax reform should include closing loopholes and providing adequate school funding to prevent higher local taxes.”


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