HARRISBURG, May 6, 2014 – With dozens of uniform-clad Salvation Army workers visiting the state Capitol, Sen. Christine Tartaglione reminded lawmakers that her bill to include their disaster-response vehicles under Pennsylvania’s list of approved emergency vehicles is awaiting consideration.

Senate Bill 1098 would allow Salvation Army workers to drive to disaster sites when access is restricted to emergency personnel and vehicles.

“This will allow the Salvation Army to arrive at incidents more quickly so they are able to keep individuals alive and safe until medical help arrives,” Sen. Tartaglione said. “Right now, Pennsylvania law prevents the Salvation Army from doing these things as emergency responders, which is hindering their impact and risking the lives of our loved ones. “

SB 1098 would give the Salvation Army the ability to legally use sirens and emergency lights when responding to an incident; something that is currently prohibited.

The Salvation Army has 35 mobile feeding units spread across Pennsylvania, which allows its emergency disaster services teams to annually respond to hundreds of incidents, like fires, hazmat, police, and EMS calls.

In the past year, the Salvation Army provided more than 2 million meals to Pennsylvanians in need, and it served more than 1.9 million people through its local community programs.

Additionally, the Salvation Army provides food assistance, emergency shelter, social services, senior citizen and youth programming, and emergency disaster services.

“For all the Salvation Army does – for its selflessness, generosity and compassion toward individuals in need in each of our communities – we owe this organization our gratitude,” Tartaglione said. “And, we owe this organization our full support and assistance in gaining additional funding and in becoming recognized as emergency vehicles under the Vehicle Code.”


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