Philadelphia, PA, December 20, 2019 – State Senator Christine Tartaglione (D-Philadelphia) issued the following statement regarding the School District of Philadelphia’s closures of Laura H. Carnell Elementary School and Alexander K. McClure Elementary School due to the detection of hazardous asbestos in the schools:

“I was disheartened and disturbed, but not surprised, to learn that hazardous asbestos has been detected at Carnell and McClure, both of which serve families of the 2nd Senate District. As a member of the Fund Our Facilities Coalition and through the diligent advocacy of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, I have become keenly aware of the pervasiveness of hazardous materials in public schools throughout the city and I remain committed to identifying resources that will enable the School District to eliminate the threats and protect the health of the people who occupy these aging facilities every day.”

“In addition, I will continue to fight for state legislation that will extend OSHA safety protections for state and local public employees, as well as all people who use our public buildings. It’s tragic that our schoolchildren and our dedicated educators cannot focus on the important work they do without fearing long-term and potentially fatal health complications. I commend the School District for taking swift action to close Carnell and McClure until the hazards are remediated. Yet, formulating, adopting, and funding a comprehensive plan to remediate ALL schools must be our top priority.”

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