HARRISBURG,  Feb. 29, 2012 –  Sen. Christine M. Tartaglione released the following statement today regarding yesterday’s budget hearing for the Department of Public Welfare:

“The blind and shortsighted slashing done by this budget creates many small cycles that, when completed, will create budget challenges for future administrations and future generations.

Few are more illogical than reductions in funding for efforts that help people with disabilities gain more independence and find suitable employment.   Pennsylvania’s previous efforts in assistive technology have not just made thousands of people more independent and secure, but they’ve also made workers out of people who were not able to find employment because of some physical barrier.

In short, cutting assistive technology efforts reduces the workforce and promotes lives of dependency and welfare.

Today, we heard about the administration’s plans to cut welfare and it makes me wonder where these people have been to form the mindset that produced these decisions.