HARRISBURG, April 3, 2012 – State Sen. Christine M. Tartaglione joined Senate Democratic colleagues at a Capitol news conference today calling on the Corbett administration to focus budget priorities on jobs and working families.

“Last year’s budget and this year’s proposal put a heavy burden on Pennsylvania’s vulnerable families while large corporations reap the rewards of their political support,” Tartaglione said. “The governor’s priorities have resulted in stagnant employment, spiking property taxes and insolvent school districts.  There is still time to shift direction.”

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Tartaglione is the prime sponsor of Senate Bill 679, which would require “combined reporting” for businesses in Pennsylvania and close the “Delaware Loophole.”

“Working families and small businesses are paying the price for the administration’s hands-off approach to corporate taxes,” Tartaglione said.

In addition to combined reporting, Senate Democrats have identified numerous ways the state could raise additional revenue to invest in infrastructure, schools and job creation.

Tartaglione said Senate Democrats would like to add at least $250 million into Accountability Block Grants and higher education along with another $225 million in job creation strategies that include research and development.  Senate Democrats are renewing their call to refocus unused cash in the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) for job creation.