HARRISBURG, February 5, 2013 – State Sen. Christine M. Tartaglione today released the following statement regarding Gov. Corbett’s proposed budget:

“In two years, Pennsylvania has fallen from the top ten into the bottom third in job creation. If this budget were passed as proposed, that freefall would continue and thousands more Pennsylvanians will be spending their days on hold with the unemployment office.

The governor’s budget takes a ‘wishing well’ approach to the economy by throwing money at corporations and wishing for jobs. The administration has made no attempt to enforce Pennsylvania’s tax laws and shows no support for closing the Delaware loophole, leaving hundreds of millions of dollars flowing out of our state instead of into our schools.

Tying education funding to an ill-advised plan to eliminate thousands of good-paying jobs and millions in profit through the state liquor stores is a cynical, political gimmick that will only delay a reasonable solution to the challenge of educating children for a competitive 21st century economy.

Under this administration, the economy is leaving Pennsylvania behind. Another budget that proposes job cuts and corporate giveaways will only continue our race to the bottom.

School taxes are going up. Corporate taxes are going down. Gas prices are going up. Buying power is going down.

This is not a plan that works for working families.”