HARRISBURG, JAN. 6, 2011 — At a noontime ceremony in the state Capitol, State Sen. Christine M. Tartaglione took the oath of office for her fifth term in the Pennsylvania Senate.

“I’m grateful to the people in my district who continue to put their trust in me as families face difficult times and look toward state leaders to work together for solutions,” she said. “It’s a challenge I’m ready to accept.”

Tartaglione, who was elected to Senate leadership in November, said a looming budget deficit tops the list of tasks facing a new governor and a legislature with many new faces.

“Experience and the ability to work with colleagues across the aisle will be critical in the next few months and years,” Tartaglione said. “The budget deficit we face will require sacrifice and careful, strategic restructuring of fiscal policy. The government should be lean, but not mean.”

As the legislature begins the new session, Tartaglione said she is planning to reintroduce legislation to close the Delaware Loophole, a now infamous corporate tax flaw that allows large corporations to shift tax burden to small businesses and individuals.

“Families and small businesses are stressed in this economy, while some large, multi-state retailers are able to take advantage of a loophole in Pennsylvania law not available to them in other states,” she said. “It’s not fair at any time, but in this economy it’s unthinkable.”