Harrisburg − Sept. 26, 2016 − Legislation designed to preserve a fund that aids in the processing, administration and adjudication of unemployment claims has cleared the Senate Labor and Industry Committee, according to the bill’s sponsor state Sen. Christine M. Tartaglione (D-Philadelphia).

“The Service and Infrastructure Fund was created to help process unemployment compensation claims, remove backlogs and make the system more efficient,” Tartaglione said.  “Unemployed workers should be assured that their claims are handled quickly and that the benefits they are due will be promptly disbursed.”

Tartaglione said that her legislation (Senate Bill 1335) would extend the fund until 2020.  The fund was created in 2013 to address system backlogs and make improvements in claim processing.  Funds can be also be used for staff and employee training, information technology and other improvements.

“The fund was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the unemployment claims processing system,” Tartaglione said.  “My legislation would ensure that resources will continue to be available.”

The legislation requires Labor and Industry to report yearly to the General Assembly on the status of the fund.  The amount in the fund may not exceed $200 million.

Unemployment Compensation provides 26 weeks of benefits for those who lose a job through no fault of their own.