HARRISBURG, July 16, 2013 – State Sen. Christine M. Tartaglione today urged Gov. Tom Corbett to quickly sign the state Fiscal Code passed by the House yesterday, more than two weeks after the budget deadline.


In a letter sent today, Tartaglione told Corbett “the wheels of productivity that drive agencies, departments and organizations in this state will remain at a standstill and individuals will not be served effectively by their government until this bill is enacted.


As such, providing your signature to this legislation should be your highest priority at this time.”


Passage of the Fiscal Code (Senate Bill 591), one of a group of bills that make up the annual state budget, was delayed after House Republican leaders inserted a provision encouraging the General Assembly to pass a law allowing “payday” lending in Pennsylvania.


Removing the provision sent the bill back to the House for a concurrence vote that took place yesterday.


Among the bills important provisions are funding for a State Police cadet class and emergency fiscal relief for Philadelphia schools.


“The school district requires this money to prepare for the upcoming school year—that is, to prevent further school closures and staff furloughs, to provide adequate academic staff for the student population, to ensure students have supplies and resources to gain a quality education,” the letter said.  “These funds will allow such preparation to begin and will lift a heavy burden from the shoulders of many parents who are pondering the academic futures of their children.”

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