HARRISBURG, June 27, 2014 – State Sen. Christine Tartaglione today voted in favor of a proposal to legalize the use of medical cannabis in Pennsylvania.

The Senate Law and Justice Committee, of which Sen. Tartaglione is a member, approved an amended Senate Bill 1182 this afternoon.

“Too many children who suffer countless seizures, too many adults with glaucoma, and too many people with chronic illnesses have suffered for too long in Pennsylvania,” Tartaglione said following the committee’s vote. “I am proud to have been able to help send this long overdue proposal to the Senate for its consideration.

“Medical marijuana, once it is finally legalized, will deliver much needed relief for Pennsylvanians who need it,” she said.

SB 1182 now looks to incorporate best practices from other states that allow medical cannabis. Medical uses in PA would include using extracted oil, edible products, ointments, tinctures, and vaporized medical cannabis.

Patients who want to buy medical cannabis would be required to get an access card from the state Department of Health. The access card would only be awarded after the department validates that an individual has a practitioner-patient relationship, and has written confirmation of a qualified medical condition that can be treated with medical cannabis.

Access cards will cost patients $100, and patients must be Pennsylvania residents.

The bill would also create an eleven-member State Board of Medical Cannabis Licensing under the Department of State, which would oversee all regulations of the cannabis industry, investigate applicants for licenses and occupation permits, and all powers to deny, revoke, or suspend a license.


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