The bipartisan Senate Bill 617 moves to the full Senate for consideration. It would enhance job protections for workers who take leave to care for a terminally ill relative. 

Philadelphia, PA – May 27, 2021 – The Pennsylvania Senate Labor & Industry Committee voted unanimously yesterday to advance legislation sponsored by Senator Christine Tartaglione to extend family and medical leave benefits for employees who take time away from work to care for an ailing relative.

Senate Bill 617, known as the Pennsylvania Family and Medical Leave Act, received bipartisan co-sponsorship and was inspired by the story of a woman from West Goshen Township, Chester County, who was forced to quit her job to care full-time for her terminally ill sister. Senator Tartaglione’s legislation, if adopted and signed into law, would require employers to provide up to six weeks of unpaid leave to an employee to care for a sibling, grandparent, or grandchild with a certified terminal illness if the ailing relative has no living spouse, no son or daughter over age 17, and no parent under age 65.

Current federal law provides the same job protection only if the ailing relative is the spouse, son, daughter, or parent of the employee.

“At some point in our lives, we all need time to take care of our loved ones. And no one should have to sacrifice their career when family priorities must take precedence,” Senator Tartaglione said. “My legislation would provide all workers, regardless of their job or their income level, with the freedom to fulfill their family duties without suffering harmful professional repercussions.”

Senate Bill 617 moves to the full Senate for consideration. Information on the bill is available by visiting

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